An Pulse Monitored Electrified Perimeter Security Power Fencing System.



CPNI Approved


PulseSecure is the most advanced electric fencing system available and is supplied in five configurations, providing the ultimate solution for every application. In UK government test in 2010 it was officially judged to be a significantly more effective and secure perimeter security solution than Power Fence and other alternative power fencing systems.

PulseSecure is the most advanced electrified perimeter security system that fully monitors the protected boundary with the high Voltage pulses on or off. Applications include the protection of “CNI” sites – Critical National Infrastructure. PulseSecure PROTECTOR systems are approved for UK Government use, for details contact CPNI.

PulseSecure PROTECTOR systems are fully compliant with BS1722 part 17, BSEN 60335 and IEC 60335 international standards. PulseSecure PROTECTOR systems are fully monitored “double pole” High and Low voltage electrified perimeter security systems. The detection barrier is therefore fully monitored with the high voltage deterrent pulses switched on or off.

Due to the ‘true’ low voltage system design, when the system is ‘disarmed’ and the HV pulses turned off, the HT wires continue to be fully monitored although no shock present if touched – if the wire is cut, shorted or tampered with then the system will still generate an alarm state, in the same way as when the HV pulses are present.

PulseSecure PROTECTOR systems are tailored and zoned to meet with site specific operational and/or CCTV detection zone requirements. Applications include the protection of “CNI” sites – Critical National Infrastructure. PulseSecure PROTECTOR systems are approved for UK Government use, for details contact CPNI.

Out Performs PowerFence in the toughest tests

The most formidable deterrent , PulseSecure is the ultimate perimeter security system that. Deters, Detects, Denies and Defends against would be intruders with a short, sharp painful but regulated safe electric shock. Zone alarm output are provided for interfacing with CCTV and other local/remote monitoring systems.

Setting the Standard

Our range of perimeter security systems are continually evaluated by leading authorities, test houses and independent appraisals by UK Home Office and government departments. Evaluation reports are available to authorised customers.

All components used for the construction of PulseSecure systems fully comply with all relevant national and international Standards including BSEN 60335 and BS1722 part 17 and Harper Chalice Group’s Installation Standards and Code of Practice. PulseSecure systems as designed and installed are safe and secure.

Compliance Certification

On completion every PulseSecure system is inspected for compliance with BSEN 60335 / BS1722 part 17 and Harper Chalice Group’s Installation Standards and Code of Practice. Only when the system meets our demanding standards is a Certificate of Compliance issued.

A Physical & Psychological Barrier

PulseSecure pulsed electrified perimeter security systems – power fences – provide total security and protection of any perimeter or boundary. The construction of the PulseSecure system creates a psychological and physical barrier to prevent would-be intruders from achieving their objective. By design PulseSecure systems actively defend… Deter… Deny… and detect…attempts to gain unauthorised access!

Would-be intruders who come into contact with the PulseSecure system are repelled by a SHORT, SHARP, REGULATED SAFE but PAINFUL electric shock. Any attempts to cut, load, short-circuit or tamper with the PulseSecure system are detected and alarms are generated.

Alarm Monitoring & Control

A real time event memory and alarm history log automatically records all events including the time and date when the system is armed, disarmed, and alarmed.

In the event of mains failure standby rechargeable batteries maintain the system armed for a minimum of 10 hours. (This period can easily extended for specific system or specification requirements).

Alarm relays are provided for each zone of protection for switching cameras, CCTV systems, security lighting or other local or remote alarm monitoring systems. Programmable electronic outputs are available for customised alarm requirements and mimic displays.

PulseSecure systems are ideal for use with CCTV remote monitoring and surveillance systems. PulseSecure controls have an open system architecture to allow PulseSecure security systems to be easily interfaced with other security systems, for full remote monitoring and control, including remote arming, disarming, system status, remote test and alarm reporting by zone.

Features & Benefits

  • Complements new or existing high security fencing
  • Provides a reliable perimeter protection
  • Not affected by vibration or adverse weather conditions
  • Easily interfaced with other security systems
  • Visual deterrent to any would be intruder
  • Ensures intruders and potential vandals cannot breach the fence


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