3 electric fencing myths


In the absence of police and security personnel, studies indicate that electric security fencing is the best option to secure many sites. Unfortunately, there are several myths and misconceptions about this type of security option. We’re going to bust three of those myths in today’s post:

1. Anything that touches an electric fence will be shocked

The truth is, you need to make sure your electric fence is installed by a professional who can ensure the circuit is complete. If a circuit is broken, intruders may not receive the shock the fence is intended to deliver. An object also needs to be grounded in order to receive a shock – which is the reason you may see birds resting on an activated electric fence without being electrocuted. The circuit is incomplete because they aren’t grounded. A professional team will know how to install your ground rods to minimise this occurrence, or you may want to consider installing a newer form of electric fencing that is unaffected by adverse weather conditions. 

2. You can only test an electric wire by touching it

You might have heard that you can check whether your electric fence is working by touching it. Well yes, but who wants to receive a shock? It’s not the only way to test whether your fence is active, nor is it the one we recommend! The best way to keep your electric fence in good condition is to have it maintained by a trained maintenance provider.

3. Electric fencing is expensive to install

Traditional forms of electric fencing are associated with higher costs because they can be difficult to install. However, there are many newer electric fencing options available which can be easily and quickly installed onto your existing wall or fence. The minimal setup means installation is much more affordable today than in the past, and it is designed to be more reliable and longer lasting. It is also incredibly cost-effective when you consider the great deterrent it poses to those who would breach your land, protecting your site against vandalism and theft.

If you have other questions about our electric fencing or would like to find out more about its benefits for your site, contact us at Harper Chalice today.

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