3 questions to ask yourself when installing electric security fencing


One of the best security measures any business can use is electric fencing. Not only does it provide a psychological deterrent to would-be thieves but it also provides a tangible physical one too. After getting a harmless yet sharp shock, they will soon scatter into the night. If you are thinking of installing this type of fencing in your own business, it is key to think first so you get it right. But what sort of questions should you be asking when installing electric fencing?

Are you getting the right type of fencing?

This is a major question to answer before even buying electric security fencing! It might sound a little daft but some sites can purchase fencing that doesn’t suit their needs. You may, for example, buy electric fencing which is more suited to farm/agricultural usage. This will not perform to the same level as that designed for business or public sector use. As such, installing it could be a waste of time and money. It is therefore key to ask what you need from your fencing and also whether the fencing you are looking at does this.

Has the earthing been done correctly?

Once you have purchased the right fencing for your needs, you should also be asking yourself whether the earthing (or grounding as it can be called) has been done correctly as you install it. You should keep this in mind as it affects how your system will work. In simple terms, a lack of grounding rods or rods which are too far apart could mean that the circuit does not work as intended.

Are the wires the right tension?

Having the right tension on the wires of your electric fencing is key. If it is overly tight, then the wires could break. Too slack, though, and there could be gaps for people to pass through. When erecting your security fencing, keep this in mind and think about it when looking at the finished installation. If you notice gaps or wires that keep breaking, this could be your problem.

Electric security fencing from Harper Chalice

There is no doubt that this sort of fencing is excellent at keeping intruders off your site. For it to really work though, you must ask yourself the above questions first. If you do not have the time, knowledge or inclination, it is best to hire a specialist firm like Harper Chalice. We have the expert knowledge to install your fencing correctly and effectively answer the above questions. From PIDS to pulse monitored fencing, get in touch today for more details.

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