3 security options for your premises that will give you complete peace of mind


Your physical security, as well as the security of your property, is something you can’t ignore in 2019. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned investment to burglars and other intruders. The best thing you can do to secure yourself and your physical assets is investing in a tamper-proof security system for all your premises. A number of security options are available for you to choose from, as we shall discuss shortly:

1. Pulse-monitored fencing systems

This security option is ideal for areas such as factory premises, warehouses and other storage areas for high-value goods. The security option both detects and deters unauthorised access to your premises. This fencing option uses electric pulses that are regulated to deter intruders and is thus safe for use anywhere on your premises.

2. Perimeter intrusion detection (PIDs)

One of the ways you can enhance your fence security is by having PIDs integrated into your fences. PIDs are security devices that can detect any form of suspected intrusion and other activities that may compromise the effectiveness of the security offered by your fence. Activities such as climbing or cutting of the fence are detected and relayed for analysis and subsequent action. Since the PIDs can only be integrated into an existing fence mechanism, they can be seen as an option used to improve the effectiveness of your security system by adding a dimension of detection to your existing perimeter fence. They are an ideal security investment option for those who want to introduce a sophisticated security feature to their security system – without necessarily having to change the entire fence design.

3. Perimeter radar

Finally, we also have the option of using radars. These radars are usually deployed to monitor movements to controlled areas of a premise. The radar scans the surroundings of such an area for any targets that move toward the restricted areas. By scanning the targets, the radar can take and send videos and pictures of the target to a viewing interface. Those at the viewing end can then choose to take appropriate action, depending on whether the target is an intruder or not. Radars, just like PIDs, can be used to enhance the existing security controls at your premises.

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