3 signs that your site security needs beefing up


Whatever kind of business you run, keeping your grounds, buildings, stock and employees safe is key, but this can only be done by investing resources into the correct security measures. But how do you know if the security you have in place is really up to the job? A great idea is to look out for signs that it may need improving to work effectively.

But what specific signs should you be looking out for?

Lots of break-ins and vandalism

Of course, the most obvious sign that your site security is not all it should be is a glut of thefts, break-ins and vandalism. While intruders coming onto your site after hours is bad enough, it really starts to bite when you are losing valuable stock or are having to spend time painting over graffiti. If you find this happening a lot, then you need to seriously look at your current arrangements and see whether extra measures, like a perimeter intrusion detection system, could help.

Unauthorised visitors

You would be surprised at how many businesses are open to people wandering in off the street and walking around their premises during working hours. A central part of any security plan should be staying in control of who is on-site and who has access to buildings or offices. If you keep getting reports of strangers on-site with no-one knowing how they got there, it is time to take action.

Perimeter not fully covered

Some common signs of security which is lacking can be down to not having the right measures in place at all. Many commercial sites though will invest in features like security fencing but neglect to cover their whole perimeter. This makes the whole exercise pointless as criminals will always find that gap you leave – no matter how obscure. It is also a common mistake to not maintain security measures like fencing as the years go by. This can see them less than effective over time and make it easy for intruders to bypass them.

Let Harper Chalice help improve your security

Here at Harper Chalice, we have many years of experience in helping businesses of all sizes beef up their security arrangements. Contact us today at sales@harperchalice.com for more details.

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