3 things you need to consider before getting perimeter RADAR


Getting security right is one of the critical components of a business, whether you are a startup or a high-risk company. Perimeter RADAR can be classified as the best in intruder detection, covering wide area monitoring, as well as target classification. Its use will not only guarantee the safety of your business but will also save you administration costs. Unlike electrified perimeter fencing, however, perimeter RADAR requires certain factors to work effectively. Below are some tips to keep in mind before you purchase it.

Employee training

Perimeter RADAR uses specific sensors to monitor activity, where the findings are translated to other integrated systems like CCTV. Your security team needs to have some fundamental skill to operate such perimeter RADAR systems. Request your security providers to train your security personnel on aspects such as the operational requirements and levels of intervention. Even with added measures such as electric fencing, they may occasionally have to readjust the radar’s sensitivity levels to allow for better intruder detection.

Audit measures

Perimeter RADAR, just like any other intruder detection solution needs regular maintenance. Failure to have regular checks will cause inefficiencies in your system, resulting in security risks. Plan for periodic system audits to ensure that detection performance is working as it should. If you use Perimeter RADAR with integrated systems for intruder detection, conduct regular checks. Inspect the physical structure of systems such as cameras and electric fencing.

Area of coverage

Perimeter intrusion detection systems work effectively only within a stipulated area. Identify the area of sight that requires perimeter intrusion detection before setting up your perimeter RADAR. The area of coverage is crucial when setting up sensors since it helps avoid unwanted targets, especially in busy areas. Consider getting a map to allow your security providers to identify areas with enough intruder detection systems. Having a layout also helps you plan for other integrated systems that you would need on your site. Adding electrified perimeter fencing, for instance, would work perfectly.

To enjoy the benefits that perimeter RADAR provides, contact expert perimeter intrusion detection experts. Get in touch with Harper Chalice to discuss the most reliable solution for your business.

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