3 tips that will guarantee successful perimeter security solutions


Modern innovations have created a vast range of security solutions for business owners from electric fencing to perimeter radar. All these systems have proved useful in providing adequate security but can only work where there are strong guidelines to support them. If you are a business owner looking to install an intruder detection system, here are some tips that will ensure successful threat detection and deterrence.

Proper access control

You may have identified the best integrated systems for your business, but which of your employees will have access to the security controls? Deterrence of theft can only work where both the physical and the internal controls are adequately safeguarded. Ensure that you entrust the right personnel with your security, whether it is the system codes or the locks to your facility. Vet your security team and identify anyone who may pose any potential threats to your facility. Intruder detection starts with your employees, so take charge of your workforce access control.

Set up the proper channel for alerts

If your perimeter intrusion detection system identifies a potential threat, what is your next step? Have a plan on whether the breach alerts should be sent directly to you, your security guards or a private security company. Choose the right team that will respond in the most timely manner as well as one that can handle any physical confrontation. It is also crucial to determine the type of alert to install for intruder detection, such as loud alarms or quiet alerts.

Get expert installation for your security systems

A successful security system can only work where the appropriate access controls and alerts work hand in hand with expert installation. Solutions such as pulse monitored fencing and electrified perimeter fencing need precise installation to ensure that they meet your specific needs. Hire the right team to assess what works for you and what might pose a challenge for your facility. Lastly, get advice on the kind of system to install for your facility, whether it is simple electric fencing or integrated systems.

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