4 benefits of having a pulse monitored fence for your business


Pulse monitored fencing is one of the most powerful security solutions out there. This type of fencing is ideal for a business that needs to uphold high levels of security while carrying out business operations. Pulse monitored fences can easily be customised to meet the requirements of both small business owners and large corporations alike. They are extremely effective, reliable and can be maintained with little to no problems.

Pulse monitored fencing – how it works

Pulse monitored fences can detect and discourage any would-be intruders by emitting a short pulse signal. The fence sends out regulated electrical pulses at periodic intervals along the fence and observes the pulses that return to the system. Any intruder that comes too close to the fence would risk being shocked and end up alerting the security system of a possible threat.

Thanks to their robust nature and durability, pulse monitored fences are used to fortify many types of premises including power stations, data centres, vehicle storage areas and factories that produce and store valuable items. 

The benefits of this type of fencing are many and varied. Here are the top 4 benefits you gain by using pulse monitored fences for your business.

1. Powerful perimeter protection

These fences provide total security and protection for perimeters and boundaries. The sharp electrical pulses that flow through the fence are sufficient to turn away even the hardiest intruders and prevent them from trespassing on your land.

2. Integrated imaging systems

Pulse monitored fences allow you to thoroughly detect potential trespassers in any corner of your property and provide total system integration with CCTV solutions for alarm verification and identification.

3. Integrated security

These security fences can easily be integrated with features such as electronic access control and recognition software. This enables you to take precautions such as biometric fingerprints and data on card to enforce a high standard of security. Such services create a highly secure business environment by allowing you to identify every person that enters and leaves your premises.

4. Easy configuration

This type of security fencing enables you to configure any number of fences located in different parts of your property, to trigger a quick alarm response to any threat detected by the system.

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