[lvca_testimonials per_line=”2″][lvca_testimonial author=”South Staffordshire Water” credentials=”Head of Security”]We have used Harper Chalice PIDs on several sites across our estate and they have performed really well with low false alarm rates.  This solutions provides exceptional security.[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Thames Water” credentials=”Head of Physical Security”]Harper Chalice rapid deployable PIDS system has enabled to us to provide excellent protection of vulnerable points of our perimeter. The temporary solution has provide great security and is very cost effective.[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”BAE Systems” credentials=”Project Manager”]Overall, Harper Chalice made what was a challenging project look very easy and they delivered the final solution in a very accomplished manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and quite often have them as a benchmark for other suppliers.[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Carillion” credentials=”Project Manager”]Our end user is extremely happy with the final installation and overall system. Harper Chalice provided very detailed training on the system, an excellent installation customer service and an extensive spares package.[/lvca_testimonial][/lvca_testimonials]