Beyond the business perimeter security measures


Protective security is important for valuable business assets and properties, and effective security extends beyond the physical perimeter of premises. The UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) provides key advice for managers or security professionals regarding recommended methodology for managing assets and developing a security strategy, based on their core principles of deter, detect and delay.

Your security strategy should involve measures extending beyond the perimeter of the physical premises. For example, online research or hostile reconnaissance can reveal a good deal of useful information about your business which can help in planning attacks. Additionally, where information or business assets are taken away from site, risk assessments and active management should be in place to enhance protection.

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detect and delay security threats to your business

Some useful security measures to adopt include:


The “deter” principle could include limiting or denying access to information or resources necessary for advance planning or notification of the effective security measures already in place. This makes it essential that any potential attack requires advance and physical reconnaissance which can be a great deterrent as it increases the possibilities of detection. Projecting the view of a business environment which is hostile to attack is an important security deterrent and can involve a complete messaging system, which could include notifications on the company website giving assurances regarding security protections that are in place and physical notices in place around all points of access to your site.


Successful measures to implement for the early detection of threats to your business or company assets include the installation of CCTV monitoring systems covering areas extending beyond the site perimeter and setting up asset logging systems to constantly identify the whereabouts of corporate assets. The company website should also be monitored on a consistent basis for suspicious activity which could indicate potential threats.


Carrying out recommended strategies for deterrence and detection are likely to delay and maximise the amount of time needed for any threats to progress inside the perimeter of assets. When planning an attack entails frequent or extended visits to physical site locations, opportunities to detect threats are enhanced.

Maintaining a secure perimeter is an added protective requirement which increases the amount of time attackers need to reach assets and premises.

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