Burglary prevention tips every business should know


In 2018/19, there were 606,282 crimes against businesses across England and Wales. With break-ins often requiring costly repair work and temporary closures, burglaries can take a huge toll on any business, including creating unnecessary stress and worry for employees. Let’s consider some of the actions you can take to protect your business from burglars.

Improve visibility

Many businesses keep the inside of their premises lit up, and while this is always a good idea, lighting up the outside of your building is important too. If your business premises are shrouded in darkness, it makes it much easier for burglars to break in unnoticed. It’s surprising how many thieves will be put off by a well-lit building, so consider installing some security lights around your site.

Keep your site clean and tidy

A well-cared-for business lets burglars know that you take great pride in your premises and look after your building well. This often implies there is always someone around and that you have good security measures in place. Top tip: cut back trees and hedges to limit the number of places for a potential burglar to hide.

Install tempered glass windows

To deter burglars from doing a smash and grab job, consider installing laminated windows or tempered glass. Not only is tempered glass much stronger than traditional panes, but it is also a lot louder when it breaks, drawing attention to your premises.

Invest in a PID system

Perimeter intrusion detection systems are designed to detect noises and vibrations that occur during break-in attempts. FenceSecure, in particular, provides zone alarm outputs for integration with CCTV and other remote monitoring technologies, catching burglars and thieves before they have a chance to do any long-lasting damage to your business. PID systems also act as a deterrent, with many burglars deciding the risk simply isn’t worth taking.

To find out more about protecting your business from thieves and burglars, contact us at Harper Chalice today. As well as perimeter intrusion detection systems, we offer a number of security solutions such as electric security fencing and PIDs

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