Combining classic and modern techniques for the best business security


A successful business is one that makes a profit. This means that its assets, equipment, and stock are worth a lot of money. Unfortunately, there are people out there that want to take this money, undoing all of the hard work that went into earning it. Theft will always happen so it is up to you to protect the contents of your business with the right security.

The right security system is made up of many elements. At Harper Chalice we believe that the best systems mix traditional security tactics such as high walls and fencing with the latest technology. Let’s look at a few examples of how this is done.

Electrified Perimeter Fencing

A fence will stop many intruders to your business but not all of them. Thieves often have special tools that can allow them to cut through fences or climb over them. With electric security fencing, this becomes is much more difficult. The electrified Pulse Fence will provide both a physical and Psychological barrier to would be intruders. Should any attempt be made to scale the fence then they will be detected and an alarm generated.

Intruder Detection

While fencing will block burglars from getting in, it cannot alert you to threats and this is where modern technology comes into play. Perimeter intruder detection systems including Radar Detection will provide early detection and notification of attempted break-ins. This early detection gives you the maximum opportunity to respond to the attack – detection at the perimeter rather than once they are inside your premises!

Integrated Systems

Years ago, one security system might have been enough but for true peace of mind, different systems working together will provide your business with the security it needs. Your business runs thanks to multiple departments working together so your security should be treated in the same manner. Combining physical fences with different sensor technology and human effort means that your site is protected in the best possible way.

For more information on how to create the right security solution for your business that combines tried and true methods with the latest advancements in technology, contact Harper Chalice today.

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