Common misconceptions regarding electric fences


Electric fences are highly efficient security instalments trusted for facilities such as airports, prisons, military bases, mental facilities, construction sites, and even in homes and businesses. Although the electric shock experienced by anyone who touches the fence acts as a deterrent, the psychology of electric fencing plays a part in preventing intrusions also.

There are a lot of myths associated with pulse intrusion detectors, as they are also known, which cause reluctance among many businesses to utilise them. Below is a discussion of some of the common misconceptions regarding this type of fencing, and the real facts behind them.

1. They are less effective during power blackouts

There is no reason to worry about power cuts when using an electric fence. There is a wide range of back-up power options available with the ability to power electric fences for extended periods of time. In case of a fixed budget where a power backup is not an option, you can still rely on the fence to provide a physical barrier to intruders during power outages

2. Expensive to run electric fences

Most people believe that electric fences are costly to install and run. This belief is mainly due to the assumption that the technology applied is sophisticated, scaring most property owners away. In reality, the fences do not require a high voltage to run, and the power costs to the organisation will only be increased by a small margin.

Choosing the right electric fence provider will also go a long way in making the installation cheaper. The right company will provide you with various offers and tips to make your fence more effective and cost-friendly.

3. Electric fences can cause death

Most organisations and homes fail to utilise electric fencing due to the belief that it could be fatal. An electric fence is regulated by safety standards, only allowing the right amount of voltage to prevent intrusion but not cause death.

It is time to consider these security barriers as there are numerous advantages associated with it.

For more insights such as tips of maintaining and maximising the electric fences and in case you require help choosing the right security fence for your premises, feel free to contact us.

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