Covid-19 has made it more important than ever to equip your premises with perimeter intrusion detection


The unwelcome arrival of Covid-19, and the lockdown that followed, resulted in many people losing their jobs. With personal movement limited and life as we knew it grinding to a halt, most of those who were fortunate enough to remain employed began working from home. The success of employees working from home opened the eyes of many business owners and may have changed the way we work for good.

As some of the restrictions of lockdown were gradually relaxed, more people started returning to the office. However, a great many have remained working at home and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

If your premises are all but empty, it pays to beef up security:

It is a sad fact of life that intruders will target properties they know are not in use. Business premises across Britain, with capacity for hundreds and even thousands, are currently populated by a fraction of those capacities. Many such premises are virtually empty as owners attempt to plot a way forward that could include embracing work-from-home for good.

However, while these sparsely populated buildings continue to house vast numbers of computers and expensive equipment, it is vital that security is tighter than ever. Equipping your premises with perimeter intrusion detection systems is one surefire way to stop intruders in their tracks.

By installing such a sophisticated security system, you are not only safeguarding all of the equipment that is housed in your premises, you are ensuring that you go to bed at night with priceless peace of mind.

A no-nonsense security option that will stop intruders in their tracks:

Electric fencing is another highly effective layer of security that can be added to protect your property and your belongings. Not only will it prevent criminals from breaking in, it is also likely to act as a long-term deterrent, such is its level of hostility towards intruders.

Electrified perimeter fencing is not recommended for farms or areas that are populated by animals. However, perimeter intrusion detection systems represent a strong security option for farmers and other business owners who work with livestock. Contact us today to start improving the security of your premises.

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