Debunking common electric fencing myths


Electric security fences are a great intrusion deterrent which is used by those who want to protect their site or business premises. Despite this, many people believe common misconceptions about this type of fencing and worry about having it installed. In reality, electric fences are safe and legal and help to protect both people and property. In this blog, we will debunk common electric fencing myths and provide you with the truth about these fences.

Myth 1: Electrified perimeter fencing is harmful

There is a common misconception that a shock from an electric fence can injure or even kill an intruder. This information is completely false. While touching an electric fence does cause a harsh shock, the low number of amps used in the fence prevents this from being serious or deadly. As electric fences use high voltage but low amplitudes, injuries caused by them are very rare. In fact, many household objects cause more injuries than electric fences do every year.

Myth 2: The only way to test an electric fence is to touch it

While many people believe this fact, it has no truth behind it. If so, it would be a very unpleasant experience to check if your electric fence was working. There is a range of testers and remotes available which can inform you as to whether your fence is working and provide a current voltage reading.

Myth 3: Electric fences are too expensive

As electric fences are sophisticated and use electricity, some people believe that they are expensive to run. However, electric fences run at such low amplitudes that they are very cost-effective. The electric company and fence you use will affect the cost, but ultimately electric fences are not an overly expensive investment.

Myth 4: The fence won’t work if there’s a power cut

Power cuts can be a nuisance when they occur, but luckily you won’t have to worry about them affecting your electric fence. Back-up generators can be used to keep the fence going. Plus, even if the fence isn’t electrified, they still work as great deterrent to keep intruders out.

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