Does my facility need a smart fencing system?


It can be quite easy to get complacent when it comes to existing security. Just because a break-in hasn’t occurred doesn’t automatically mean that a fencing system is effective, and care needs to be taken to ensure that perimeters and boundaries are up to the task of modern breaking-and-entering techniques.

Security fencing is a significant investment for many businesses, and may even be a long-term outgoing cost depending on the length and type of fence. They can also become ‘background problems’, in that once they are installed, they can often be forgotten about. However, for certain businesses, security fences should move and adapt with their growth and aspirations, and this is where smart fences can make a real difference.

The benefits of smart fence systems

From electrified, pulse monitored fences that provide an imposing barrier to intruders, through to state-of-the-art PID solutions that alert security personnel to potential breaches and trespassers, smart fences that react to problems are creating a much more secure way of protecting valuable assets, facilities, and of course personnel. But the big question for many businesses is whether such an investment is needed.

In an age where almost anything can be stolen, from data and information all the way through to traditional targets like vehicles and equipment, criminals are become more resourceful when it comes to theft. From hydraulic cutting systems and even heavy-duty construction equipment as seen recently in the robbery of a Lidl store in Ireland, all the way through to night raids and covert entry, businesses that may have relied on a simple steel fence are now having to deal with clever crooks out to take advantage of dated systems.

More than just a physical barrier

If you deal in the data of your customers, then clever physical security systems are a must too. Spending big on cyber security to prevent fine-inducing data leaks is the big focus for lots of organisations right now, but they often forget about protecting on-site computers and technology. A smart fence to match a smart cyber security installation is a great way of advertising your business as ‘serious about security’.

If you want to keep your physical assets free from theft, then a smart fence is a great multi-faceted deterrent. Criminals may be put off by a high, strong fence with multi-layered systmes, and your employees and stakeholders will have more confidence if they know that a smart fence is protecting them. Smart fences may be a pricier investment, but they’re certainly one of the best ways of keeping your business safe and secure.

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