Don’t play with fire by choosing not to secure your premises…


It’s a sad sight but it’s one that is repeated all too frequently. A business owner finally sees the light and enlists the services of a specialist firm to install a security system that will protect his premises.

Only, he hasn’t actually seen the light at all. The only reason he is finally taking action is because his offices were broken into. The thieves got away with thousands of pounds worth of equipment. The shock of the break-in forced the business owner to have perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDs) installed at his company premises.

However, his decision to finally secure his premises was the opposite to proactive – it was reactive. He had been in business for many years and, until recently, none of his buildings had been burgled. With each passing year, he chose to ride his luck some more, just to save a relatively small amount of money.

But his luck ran out eventually and he was left feeling one overriding emotion – regret. He was openly regretful about failing to have a security system installed during all those years. He played with fire for years and it was no great surprise that he ended up getting burnt.

Don’t be reactive:

Successful figures in the world of business pride themselves on being proactive – taking decisive action before competitors and turning a profit in the process.

Protect your business – it’s a no-brainer:

Thousands of business premises are broken into across the UK every year. Of this number, a staggeringly high figure had no security system in place. Many others had a dated alarm system that was fundamentally unreliable.

By choosing not to secure your premises you are doing exactly what the aforementioned business owner did for many years – playing with fire. Cut out all the risk and unnecessary worry by securing your premises with a PID or, providing you don’t work with livestock, electric security fencing.

Harper Chalice are experts in security solutions and should be any business owner’s first port of call when installing or upgrading a security system to protect their premises.

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