Gain automated security with a perimeter radar system


According to a recent government document, 42% of businesses experienced crime in 2018. Vandalism was the most problematic type of crime, followed closely by theft and burglary.

Thankfully, there are ways to deter crime and detect intrusions in real-time in order to protect your business. If you’re concerned about the security of your premises, why not consider a perimeter radar fence?

How perimeter radar works

A perimeter surveillance radar system, or PSRS, provides automated perimeter security for high-value permanent and temporary areas such as construction sites, warehouses, farms and more. These systems are designed to be deployed in a continuous array, with overlapping coverage helping to secure the entire area.

The benefits of perimeter radar

PSRS is a low-cost system which makes use of several remote radar sensors which are all connected to a central control/display unit. It’s fully functional in all weather and light conditions and is capable of detecting both moving and stationary targets. The system works by making use of a continuously scanning microwave radar to identify intruders with pinpoint accuracy. It also uses low-effective radiated power for reduced interference with other systems.

The PSRS can also be configured to disregard warnings from secure areas and identifiable non-threats (such as nearby roads, delivery driver routes or security guard patrols). This helps to eliminate any time consuming “false alarm” scenarios.

Personnel can be detected walking, running, crawling, driving or even swimming from a range of up to 300 metres, making PSRS one of the most reliable security options on the market at present.

An environmentally friendly security solution

Many perimeter radar systems can be charged and powered by a solar recharge system, which can further help to reduce ongoing business costs while helping your organisation do its bit for the environment.

Secure your business today

If you’d like to protect your premises with perimeter radar technology, or would simply like more information on the latest security fencing solutions available, why not contact us today? A member of our friendly and experienced team will be happy to discuss all things security and offer no-nonsense advice based on your individual requirements.

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