How can secure electric fencing benefit your site?


There are a whole range of organisations that use commercial electric |’),0,{}))
to secure their perimeter. In terms of perimeter security and intrusion detection, it is a great option to consider. This is especially true for any sensitive sites such as government facilities, airports or ports, that may need top level security on a commercial scale.

But just how can electric fencing help improve your overall site security?

1. Deterrent 

As with all security systems, electric fencing is mainly there as a deterrent to unwanted guests. In this regard, it does a superb job and this makes it a very effective solution to consider. Electric fences provide a very visible and intimidating barrier to anyone who may be looking at ways onto your premises. The prospect of a non-lethal shock is enough to make most people think twice! For any who do try, the feeling of being shocked is enough to have them running for the hills.

2. Integrates with other technology

When thinking about the best security measures for any site now, it is key to think of a fully integrated solution. This means that you will probably need more than one single type of system or security measure to provide comprehensive perimeter coverage. Electric fencing is able to be integrate with other products like SharpView systems and CCTV to meet that goal.

3. It is versatile

Another great bonus with electric fencing for your overall site security is that you can add to the fencing if needed. If you are worried about people trying to go over the fencing, you can add extra security measures easily on top of it. In the same way, you can add extra measures to the bottom half of the electric fencing to stop people from trying to tunnel underneath. In this way, it gives a great level of security.

There is no doubt that good quality electric fencing can be a key tool in your commercial site’s security measures. When combined with products such as the SharpView Video Management system, it really comes into its own. If you would like more information about security fencing or the SharpView system, give us a call today.

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