How can you keep your site safe from intruders?


Whether it is a secure facility, office building or military installation, one thing is critical – keeping your site safe from trespassers. This is not only in terms of keeping intruders away from the buildings themselves but also keeping them off your grounds. Failure to do so could result in buildings being broken into, goods stolen or vandalism around the whole site itself. But just what are the best options when it comes to making your site secure?

Installing security fencing

The first thing to have in place along the whole of your site perimeter is effective security fencing. This will provide a visual deterrent to would-be intruders and clearly mark where your site perimeter begins. Using top-class security fencing will also give an effective physical barrier should anyone think of trespassing still. There are lots of superb options to consider now from electric fencing to more advanced types like Perimeter Intrusion Detection fencing. The beauty with something like a PIDs system is that this will also alert your security staff to any breaches in good time.

Use effective lighting

Most intruders love to work under the cover of darkness. If you have an area of your site which is poorly lit, this could give them the opportunity they are looking for to break in. To remedy this, make sure to have all of your grounds well lit with security lighting. Many sites will use floodlight style lighting on motion sensors to achieve this now. This enables you to have the lighting you need in place without using energy when it is not needed.


Another very effective way to guard against people entering your site without permission is installing CCTV cameras. This will not only deter criminals but also give the police hard evidence to work from if any do try their hand. Make sure to also put signs up clearly stating that CCTV recording is in place on your premises. Very often, this is enough to make any intruder run for the hills!

High-end security fencing with Harper Chalice

Here at Harper Chalice, we work with a range of clients to keep their premises safe. Our top-class security fencing includes Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems, Pulse Monitored Fencing and more. All will keep intruders out and your site secure

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