How investing in perimeter security now can deliver long-term savings


There is a danger, when it comes to site security, that greater costs are incurred by doing too little on the perimeter. Signage, staff, and CCTV can only do so much to deal with the threat of intruder issues and potential damage to property, equipment, and business interests. The fact is that investing in smarter perimeter security now can result in significant long-term savings for any organisation.

Long-term thinking

Site intrusion is a persistent problem across the UK, and impacts a wide range of businesses and facilities. Costs associated with criminal damage and theft can pose significant challenges at a time when the economic climate is already causing difficulty. By investing in well-planned, unobtrusive perimeter security, these costs can be drastically reduced and, in most cases of external attack, entirely eliminated.

But the immediate costs of criminal damage are not the only savings to be made. The installation of integrated systems designed for intruder detection and deterrent can also bring down annual insurance premiums. Most reputable insurers recognise the tangible benefits of a quality assured security system, and provide discounts on premiums accordingly.

Long-term security

Selecting the right perimeter security solution is key to achieving those long-term benefits. It is important to work with experts who are able to provide a proven track record of success in the field of perimeter intruder detection, and tailored advice as to the type of products and services that would best suit your requirements. With a design team that collectively boasts years of experience, the right company will manufacture, supply and install specialist electronic perimeter security systems.

Long-term solutions

By applying the highest level of expertise, Harper Chalice has built a portfolio of Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS), electric security fencing, perimeter RADAR, and the SecureBus Security Communications Network, which can allow for the comprehensive monitoring of a fully integrated security system. Together, and independently, these systems provide complete perimeter protection for sites and buildings of any nature, in ways that are sympathetic to their environs and neighbours.

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