How secure are your high security cages?


Companies who own or manage goods or industrial plants will no doubt be familiar with high-security cages and may believe storing their valuable items in security cages is enough to keep them secure. Unfortunately, security cages are no longer enough to deter criminals or individuals with malicious intent and often more security measures are needed. Perimeter intruder detection systems, such as a security cage strong room detection system can be used to ensure the goods stored within high-security cages remain safe and secure. Let’s look at strong room detection systems in more detail…

How do perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) work?

Unlike lower-level alarm systems, PIDS not only detect noise but vibrations in and around security cages. This ensures that movement or noise created around the cage will be detected as any activity will trigger a series of mechanical noises and vibrations which will electronically signal that an attempted intrusion is taking place.

Why are PIDS beneficial for security cages?

Having an effective PIDS is essential for security cages as they can be penetrated from multiple different areas. For example, an intruder may attempt to access a cage from its roof, sides or entrance. PIDS are complete with a Vibewire sensor which is able to detect anomalies in all areas of a cage, including its roof, floor and walls. Due to the versatility of the Vibewire sensor, it is suitable to be installed in security cages of all sizes and natures.

Do I need PIDS for my security cages?

Many business owners dismiss PIDS as a non-essential expense for their security cages. In reality, the cost of installing a PIDS system is nothing compared to the potential losses you may incur if you fail to secure your goods or manufacturing equipment safely. Not only will theft or vandalism be costly to repair or replace, but the potential damage to your company’s reputation for being unsafe is also priceless.

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