How to choose the right perimeter security solution for your business


With high uncertainty and political anxiety in the UK at the moment, choosing to install perimeter security for your business is an easy decision. The hard part, however, is deciding what kind of security system best fits your needs. 

For flexible, temporary security

If you’re redoing a part of your permanent perimeter or you want to protect a temporary site, you don’t want to install a permanent solution. However, standard temporary fence systems can easily be climbed or cut through.

Instead, consider a modular electric fence. Our RapidPulse system is a pre-assembled electric fencing system that can secure an area without the need for civil or ground works. Like a standard fence, the full system can be deployed on site in a matter of hours, but it has the additional physical deterrent of pulse monitored electric fencing. The fencing can also be moved, for maximum on-site flexibility. 

For the high-security site 

If maximum security is your priority, you should consider a fully integrated perimeter security system. The ideal high-security solution should provide a combination of different systems that work together to detect intruders and keep your business safe. 

TriSecure is our fully integrated, complete perimeter security system. The system combines a security mesh fence as a physical barrier, with a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) applied to the fencing to detect penetration and cutting of the fence fabric. The system also utilises electrified fence topping to detect and deter climbing. The integrated system is controlled and monitored by a software network that instantly alerts you to any intruder detection.

For everything in between 

If your security needs fit somewhere in between these two categories, there are numerous security solutions for you. Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) can come in many forms, and can even be mounted on your preexisting fencing structures. 

The only way we can fully understand your requirements is to visit the site and survey your unique situation. At Harper Chalice we offer site surveys as a no-obligation service, ensuring we can help you design the perfect perimeter security solution for your business.

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