How to maintain your perimeter fencing


When it comes to keeping your site safe, installing electrified perimeter fencing is a fantastic investment. As an integrated system ideal for intruder detection, they can give you peace of mind that your property is secure. However, how do you maintain your perimeter fencing to offer the best performance possible? Let’s take a look at a couple of ways you can look after your and PIDs.

Inspect the property line

Performing routine inspections of the fence lines and gates are essential for noticing potential risks early. Walk the fence line from both sides, and make a note of any attempted breaches or changes to the area’s topography that may impact your security system’s integrity. If you’ve experienced any adverse weather conditions, check for foliage, dirt, and debris that may have damaged the fencing. Equally, check all the fittings and fixtures for damage and corrosion. Keeping an accurate record of all these security elements in a log can give you an accurate picture of your perimeter’s security status.

Perform regular IT maintenance

While the physical integrity of your fencing is essential, you must keep the technology aspects up-to-date too. For example, you should check the performance of:

– Peripherals such as CCTV cameras and sensors
– Software systems that capture this data for updates
– The supply of electricity to any fences

In partnering these monitoring aspects with the physical barrier of perimeter fencing, your property should stay safe and secure. If you’re unsure about any part of your security system, contact your supplier for advice.

Time for an upgrade?

If you’ve found corrosion, electrical faults, or had any security breaches on your property, then it might be time to upgrade your existing system to something more modern. From pulse monitored fencing to perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDs), there’s a whole range of options to suit your needs.

For advice on your electrified perimeter fencing, or to upgrade your existing system, get in touch with Harper Chalice today. Our extensive range of detection products includes PIDs, intruder detection, pulse monitored fencing, and more, to help keep your property secure. Call us today on +44 (0)24 7642 1300 for more information.

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