How to protect your site from intruders


Protecting your site from intruders should always be your number one priority. However, with so many different security options on the market, it may be difficult to decide what’s best for you. Read on to discover more about the best security solutions money can buy at the moment.

Perimeter intrusion detection systems

Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDs) can offer your site constant protection, ensuring early detection of an attack. They can detect the presence of an intruder who is trying to breach the perimeter of your site. By detecting noises and vibrations, the system will alert you to a possible intruder. PIDs are available for use if your plant or goods are protected by a high-security cage. The system is attached to the fabric of the cage or structure.

PIDs can also be used on a fence protecting your site. They can provide zone alarm outputs, which can be integrated with remote monitoring technologies such as CCTV.

Electric security fencing

Electrified perimeter intrusion fencing is an excellent detection and deterrent system. It actively protects your property boundaries against attacks and unauthorised access. PulseSecure perimeter systems are legal and safe, giving a short and painful electric shock, which will ensure the safety of your company property and assets. Purchasing an electric security fence from a trusted company will ensure that it is installed in accordance with BS1722 part 17 standards. Furthermore, this physical barrier can be integrated into security management systems.

Security is essential, but it shouldn’t be complicated. Harper Chalice are experts in security and can offer you the perfect solution. For more information, contact Harper Chalice today.

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