How to reduce the cost of security guards


With increasing labour costs, the cost of having multiple security guards on shift on your property can be very high. With new technological developments, however, an initial investment can improve your security and reduce the number of security guards you have on shift. Here we explore security systems that can help you to lower your ongoing security costs.

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Perimeter intrusion detection systems like FenceSecure are an excellent investment in reducing the cost of security guards. Once installed these systems can carry out the job of all security patrols by monitoring the entire fencing around the property. This will enable you to cut down on the cost of security teams. The system works by monitoring for sounds caused by climbing, cutting or interference. If anyone is trying to get into your property then your security guard will be alerted and can react appropriately.

Electrified perimeter fencing

Investing in electrified perimeter fencing can make it much more difficult for intruders to get into the property and in doing so can reduce your need for security teams. Electric fences can serve as enough of a deterrent to keep your property safe and will allow you to reduce your security numbers as it will be far more difficult for people to get in.

Complete security systems

Bringing control of your security systems into one central hub can allow you to reduce your security team size dramatically. Systems like TriSecure can combine perimeter detection systems and CCTV together to ensure that you are able to monitor the entire site from one location. With an integrated system like this, alerts can inform you of intrusion and cameras can be controlled to capture the intruders too.

The cost of security teams can be an ongoing burden on businesses, but investing in the right technology can allow you to reduce this cost and save money in the long run. The initial investment in a security system can also help to reduce your insurance costs and in doing so can lead to combined savings in just a short period of time.

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