How your perimeter security system could pay for itself


One of the biggest barriers to upgrading commercial security tends to be the cost. Companies just like yours often assume that a high-tech security system will be too expensive, both to install and to maintain. Instead, they take risks with their security, stick with old and outdated systems, or pour money into patching security gaps with guards – only to be hit by a serious theft anyway. Sound familiar?

In truth, a good security system can actually reduce many of your costs. From preventing losses to reducing staff requirements, perimeter security solutions can offset the costs of their installation and maintenance. By tightening up security at your premises’ perimeter, you can save money, time and stress for yourself.

Reduce or eradicate losses from theft

The BRS Retail Crime Survey 2013 estimates that each commercial burglary costs £2,067 on average and that the number of retail burglaries is rising. High-value goods are often stolen in commercial burglaries, though even small-scale stock losses can prove expensive over time. Can you afford to lose money every time your business is targeted by thieves?

Every time your perimeter intrusion detection system alerts you to unauthorised entry, and every time your electric security fencing deters a would-be offender, you are potentially saving yourself a whole lot of expense. That kind of peace of mind is invaluable to any business owner.

Lower insurance costs

Having a state-of-the-art perimeter security system around your premises can reduce one of your larger annual expenses: your insurance bill. Insurers will often lower premiums for premises and sites where good security is present. The better your system, the higher your discount.

Insurers used to favour staffed security systems, with guards patrolling the site, as this was the most reliable way to deter offenders. However, high-tech electric fencing, perimeter security RADARs and intruder detection systems have developed to such an advanced level that the technology is often more secure than a manned site.

Lower security staffing costs

Speaking of security guards – this is another expense that a good perimeter system can cut for you. Many companies outsource their security staff needs to third-party agencies, which can be expensive. Large buildings and sites may need several staff members to monitor and protect all areas.

Instead, you can secure large parts of your perimeter with solid security fencing and intruder detection systems. This can reduce the number of guards needed, or even reduce the need for patrolling staff at. Keep your site safe remotely, or reduce patrol area sizes, to lower your costs even further.

If you are considering having perimeter security solutions fitted at your company site, you should contact the experts at Harper Chalice today. We provide high-quality perimeter security solutions for companies of all sizes. Call for more information on 024 7642 1300.

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