Benefits of a layered integrated security system


Running and operating a company means you need to protect a lot of assets, including employees, goods and even money. The well-being of your organisation depends on providing the best customer experience. This customer experience could be threatened by risks such as thieves, burglars and dishonest customers.

What are integrated systems?

An integrated system is a system that combines different functions to operate as a single entity. Therefore, an integrated security system is a multi-layered system that takes different components and integrates them into one solution.

A business should utilize a layered system using the following security systems:

CCTV surveillance

CCTV surveillance help in observing scenes to identify specific behaviours that may be a cause of alarm for proper actions to be taken.

Access control

Access control ensures controlled access within a facility. In conjunction with CCTV surveillance, a system administrator can remotely identify and control how personnel and vehicles access a facility.

Intrusion alarm

Integrated alarm solutions play an important role in the general security plan. When intruders activate an alarm their presence may be verified using CCTV surveillance.

Public address system (P.A System)

Public address system is an electronic system comprising loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones and related equipment. It amplifies the apparent volume of a person or other recorded sound.

Security personnel

A truly integrated security system should be managed by skilled control room operators. The facility can also be manned by a uniformed guard service.

The combination of people, technology and procedures culminates in an effective integrated system. The ability to coordinate and notify security personnel by pinpointing breaches identified by alarm activation, access control points, CCTV surveillance and fire detection is primary to effective security management.

Here is how your business can benefit from an integrated security system.


Management teams are able to get a full report of the overall security from the system instead of having to check from individual areas.

Real-time monitoring

The management teams are instantly fed with real-time data on what is going on within the facilities and areas of work. Real-time monitoring also enables the business owner to access the data with their phones or tablets without having to use the system computers.

Boost productivity

An integrated security system guarantees an increase in the productivity of a business by promoting customer satisfaction and reducing security expenses among other benefits.

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