Maximising value with pulse monitored fencing


As a commercial entity with high-level security needs, efficiency, customisation, redundancy, and robustness are the definitive attributes that you should look out for in an ideal security system. Traditionally referred to as electric fencing, pulse monitored fencing provides small and large commercial locations with the ability to build a multifaceted system that offers these benefits. While useful as a stand-alone solution for securing high-value or sensitive locations, additional features can be effective in making it a comprehensive system. Your business can get value for its money by incorporating these considerations when creating and deploying pulse monitored fencing:

Layered solution

The use of the pulse monitored fencing as an integrated rather than stand-alone solution is central to building a robust security system. Through networked integration, the pulse monitored fencing solution can be part of a security system that offers increased functionality and detail. The integrated system can be developed by layering with other monitoring, detection, and deterrent technologies such as tension sensors. Layering provides an opportunity to identify the precise point of breach, activation of recording on intrusion, and continuous security updates via mobile phones.


The security needs of a location are bound to evolve with time as the surrounding environment, sensitivity, and safety priorities change. Such expectation emphasises the need for a scalable solution. Pulse monitored fencing offers an opportunity to customise the security system based on current needs while creating a provision for changes based on future needs. With this electrified perimeter fencing, you can cost-effectively add layers to your security system in response to the changing needs of your location.


The minimal maintenance needed for the pulse monitored fencing is one of its value propositions. There are, however, additional attributes that can be integrated to ease management. From a maintenance perspective, the self-monitoring attribute of this high-security solution ensures that the strain and uncertainty associated with manual verification of the fence is eliminated. Other than providing updates during a breach, the pulse monitored fence can be integrated into other reporting systems. This feature is useful in the generation of periodic reports that can be evaluated by your security team to identify vulnerable points of breach, thus informing empirical-based decision-making.

For its effectiveness in detecting and deterring intruders, pulse monitored fencing greatly benefits from additional features. Through incorporating the considerations mentioned above, you are well on your way to maximising value and providing your location with a comprehensive security solution.

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