Misconceptions about integrated security systems


Integrated systems of security have become commonplace in many UK businesses and homes as people become more conscious about safeguarding or protecting their property from unauthorised intrusion. But despite the high level of sophistication and reliability derived from these integrated systems, a considerable number of people are still unconvinced of their worth due to common myths and misconceptions. In this post, we will take a look at three of the common mistaken beliefs associated with integrated security systems.

1. Integrated systems are very costly

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about not only integrated systems but every other security system. Technological advancement has made it possible to manufacture security systems at lower costs than ever before. The market is flooded with a wide range of systems that you can choose from depending on your needs and budget. New installation processes are also cheaper compared to the traditional methods that were highly disruptive and used expensive wiring.

2. Integrated systems are for only for grand, high-value premises

Some people believe that integrated systems are a luxury reserved for guarding specific, high-value property and assets. While they are employed for this purpose, in actual fact, integrated security systems are equally as important for protecting sites which may be smaller or hold items of less physical worth but which is highly sensitive. After all, one of the most coveted assets today is data, which is held by businesses and organisations both large and small, often backed up to servers on physical premises.

3. Integrated systems do not necessarily offer better security

Some people believe that integrated systems can easily be beaten by intelligent intruders. The essence of integrating systems is to enhance security in the first place by having several layers that cannot be easily compromised. The misconception is mainly fuelled by movies where such systems are sometimes breached. However, in the real world, integrated systems have proven to be highly reliable and efficient since the security industry has consistently found ways of leveraging modern technology such as the use of biometrics to improve them.

Integrated systems are vital for any business

Whether you consider your premises to be grand or small, your assets high worth or highly sensitive, every business has something worth protecting in terms of value and reputation. The best way to do that is with an integrated security system. To find out more, contact us at Harper Chalice today.

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