Electrified Fencing in Strong Demand

An increase in major theft crime over the next 12 months will boost demand for electrified perimeter security systems, predicts security consultant…

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An increase in major theft crime over the next 12 months will boost demand for electrified perimeter security systems, predicts security consultant Maurice Head.  As ‘big theft’ becomes more of a problem, commercial organisations will rely less on alarm systems and CCTV for their protection, and opt to strengthen their physical site security instead.

Along with his co-director Colin Smith, Maurice Head runs Principal Security, which specialises in delivering complete security solutions, including CCTV, alarms and integrated systems. The Glasgow-based operation has already seen some businesses switching away from ‘soft’ security technologies such as alarms only, in favour of physical target-hardening.

“In the next year there is going to be a big surge in demand for electrified fencing, I can see it already happening,” says Mr Head.

“We’ve been installing security systems for over 20 years and customers today are much more interested in perimeter fencing.

“We are currently installing a Harper Chalice PulseSecure electrified fence system at a vehicle storage compound, and even while we’ve been working on it neighbouring businesses have seen what we are doing and asked us to install systems for them as well.

“We’ve got two more major jobs in the pipeline, including a transport company with a perimeter more than a mile in length.”

Mr Head predicts that rising fuel costs, hardship caused by unemployment and spending cuts, will make businesses more vulnerable attack.

He says storage depots and vehicles will be particularly at risk, with fuel ‘like gold dust’, and warns that alarms and CCTV on their own will not provide adequate protection.

“Cameras are fine but without any physical protection all CCTV does is let you watch people breaking in.”

Faced with more determined criminals, he believes that the latest generation of electrified perimeter systems provides the answer that end-users really want. Just over eighteen months ago he began working with Harper Chalice, becoming an approved installer for the PulseSecure electrified system, which acts as a strong deterrent obstacle and can either be used stand-alone or integrated with alarm systems and CCTV.

“We’ve been working with the PulseSecure system for almost two years and the technology has really proved itself to us. In fact our first customer told us it’s the best investment he ever made.”

Principal Security’s experience is not unique, says Graham Harper, managing director of Harper Chalice – he’s expecting his company’s turnover to increase at least three-fold over the next year as demand for the PulseSecure soars.

“As more of our systems are installed, people are seeing them and recognising how effective they are at preventing intrusion.

“People now understand that electrified fencing is totally legal and completely safe – and would-be criminals have learnt not to touch it.”

In fact Harper Chalice’s PulseSecure electrified system has recently been assessed in UK official rough weather trials and found to outperform all its competitors, having proved a formidable barrier to intrusion but remaining totally free from false alarms. As a result PulseSecure is now the system of choice for all sites that require enhanced protection and sales are increasing internationally as well as in the UK.

PulseSecure and PulseSecure PROTECTOR systems are available in a variety of configurations, with a flexibility that makes them suitable for all sites, from light commercial and residential up to maximum security.

The Harper Chalice FenceSecure is the market’s most reliable perimeter intruder detection system, having been confirmed in tests to combine excellent detection capability with minimal false alarms. And the WallSecure system provides the best seismic attack detection for walls, roofs and the fabric of buildings.

The systems give reliable early warning of intrusion attempts and are the ideal choice for high risk sites including prisons. Learn more about Harper Chalice perimeter and building security technology.