Harper Chalice An Employee Owned Company

Harper Chalice Group is pleased to announce that we are now an Employee Owned Company (EO).The majority shareholding of the company…

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Harper Chalice is pleased to announce that we are under new ownership, we are now an Employee Owned Company (EO).

The employee ownership trust purchased a majority shareholding of the company. They will hold the shares on behalf of all of the employees. The shares purchased from previous owner and founder, Graham Harper.

The change to employee ownership, completed in January 2016 means we have now completed our first full year trading as an EO business. With some high profile and successful projects won and delivered the first year was very successful.

The economic contribution of employee ownership in the UK is significant and is growing. Employee ownership delivers 4% of UK GDP annually. Employee owned businesses achieve higher productivity and greater levels of innovation and are more resilient to economic turbulence. They also have more engaged, more fulfilled and less stressed workforces.

Newly appointed Managing Director, Chris Hackett, also believes the change to employee ownership will present a great opportunity.

“I have been with Harper Chalice for 14 years and I believe this is a fantastic opportunity for the business to drive forward. What better way to motivate the employees to push the company onwards than making them the biggest single stakeholder. A greater than ever focus on growth, product development and quality. The new structure ensures motivated employees who benefit both individually and collectively from the future success of the business”

“We are a British manufacturer, with the highest security ratings also available for all of our products and we are very competitive commercially. The new determined ownership and management team will aim to grow the company through the highest levels of customer service coupled with the highest quality of product”