Intrusion Detection for Bulk Storage Facility

Harper Chalice has been involved in protecting a bulk storage centre for a high security client using their FenceSecure Detection system…

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Harper Chalice has been involved in protecting a bulk storage centre for a high security client using their FenceSecure Detection system. The project was completed alongside our Partners, Lochrin Bain. The global Defence, Aerospace and Security company having worked with Both Harper Chalice and Lochrin Bain on previous retro-fit and new build projects, instructed the design house and main contractor Waites Construction of their approved specification with the clients Security Manager opting for Lochrin Bain’s patented High Security Combi™ fencing over a traditional Palisade or Mesh alternatives. Over 1.5 kilometres of 3.0 metre high fencing along with various CPNI rated Vehicle and Pedestrian gates were installed by Lowther Forestry Group’s security fencing division working on behalf of Waites.

For enhanced security, the FenceSecure Microphonic PID system from Harper Chalice was specified in conjunction with the Lochrin Combi™ host fence. FenceSecure is part of a range of systems from Harper Chalice manufactured in the UK and approved by CPNI for use on high security applications.

With the FenceSecure Perimeter Detection System installed, the perimeter was not only protected for physical delay but also provided early detection of any attempts to cut or climb the fence fabric. The discreet and robust solution is used for a range of applications and provides the highest levels of detection with a very low false alarm rate.

Due to the sites exposed coastal location, concerns were raised by the client regarding product lifespan and corrosion effects. To combat this, a specification was agreed incorporating specialist specifications,  pre-treatments and coatings. After manufacturing all fence components at Lochrin Bain’s factory, individual items were grit blasted to ensure additional micron coatings of zinc were achieved during the galvanizing process. The final treatment consisted of a specialist marine grade powder coated finish with the specific colour chosen to blend with the new buildings external cladding, while achieving the client’s minimum 25 year design life request.

The FenceSecure system installation was modified to allow the cable to be installed into a specialist conduit clipped to the host fence using stainless steel ties to provide additional protection and resilience to the system in the hostile environment. The flexible installation methods of the FenceSecure system were one of the reasons the system was specified by the client.

The final fence design utilised a 26 pale High Security Combi™ system incorporating the patented ‘Vee’ slot with countersunk fixing. Unlike traditional Palisade fencing which can be easily compromised, Combi™ has gained several accreditations ranging from ‘Secured By Design’ the Police preferred initiative through to CPNI certification for use on CNI sites nationwide. A unique security solution.

Both main contractor and client were impressed with the solution and installation. Several new phases are currently under construction with design work on future projects in the pipeline. With proven performance on detection and false alarms the FenceSecure system is also performing very well and has been integrated into the site wide security management system via software integration.