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Harper chalice is delighted to announce that Adam O’Reilly has been promoted to “Head of Projects”

Adam has been with the company for over 10 years and has been deeply involved in the company’s successful delivery of many prestigious and large scale perimeter security projects.

Harper Chalice Managing Director, Chris Hackett said of the appointment “Adam has been a great asset to the business throughout his time with. He has developed his skills and knowledge of the perimeter security market to become a key member of the team at Harper Chalice.”

“This move will see Adam engaged with clients and projects at an early stage of the project life cycle. We have made the conscious choice to not employee traditional sales focused staff as we believe focus on the projects from a projects delivery view will benefit both our company and the client. ”

Adam said of his appointment “This is a great move for me and I hope to assist the company in the successfully delivery of more significant projects in the new role. My belief is that by having Project delivery focus from the very beginning we can ensure the client achieves his objectives and we achieve a smooth transition from the project concept or sales point right through project completion”

The move is a reflection of the continued commitment to development and growth within Harper Chalice to both existing and new employees. Having experienced rapid growth and success over recent years, there is a clear desire to continue that trend and maximize the potential of all staff.

Hackett added “Our recruitment and staff development over the next few years will be key to our success and meeting our objectives. It is a very exciting time within the business and a great opportunity for all to develop along with the company”