3 key advantages of a perimeter intrusion detection system


If you are considering taking the very best measures to protect your premises, then a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) can be the best choice. Easily tailored to suit any size perimeter, it gives an effective way to boost your security measures. The real beauty is that it can be used with your existing security fencing for total coverage. Many large businesses, factories, warehouses and storage sites can really benefit from having a PIDS system in place.

Here are a few key advantages of installing a PIDS system on your site:

1 Early warning

One massive feature this system brings is the early warning of any climbing or suspicious activity anywhere on your perimeter that it is installed. With theft of precious goods like steel or copper being an ever-present threat to businesses, it can help detect any unwanted intruders fast. This is particularly good for larger sites which your current security arrangements may find hard to cover effectively.

2. Fits onto your current fencing

A great feature with a PIDS system is that it will fit on top of your current security fencing. That means that you will not need to waste money by taking down the fencing you already have. The PIDS system uses a cable that runs around your current fencing and sets off an alarm when triggered by movement. From chain link to welded mesh fencing and in-between, PIDS can work with them all to improve your security.

3. Discreet monitoring

PID systems offer detection and early warning of attack without adding any visual indication of the increased security. It is a small discreet installation that does not attract any additional attention to your fencing or site.

If you were interested in adding visual deterrent another system that is more visual and acts as a deterrent may be used such as pulse monitored electric fencing or tipping.

If you want more advice on how a PIDS system can work for your business, then give us a call at Harper Chalice on 024 7642 1300 today. We are specialists in the installation of these superb systems and can help make sure your premises are as safe as they possibly can be.

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