Why using a perimeter RADAR is a sound security investment


You manage a huge warehouse or airport containing expensive and sensitive equipment. You’ve installed state of the art CCTV cameras all around the perimeter and make a point of checking it regularly to ensure intruders aren’t getting in, and things that shouldn’t be leaving aren’t getting out.

Job done, right?

Not so fast. Using a complete RADAR monitoring system like ScanSecure is a better answer for all sizes of industrial sites. It detects, tracks and identifies potential threats to your business whether targets are running, walking or crawling in hard to see areas. Also, unlike CCTV, RADAR detects beyond your perimeter, spotting potential intruders before they even get close to your building or site. There’s really no getting past this modern security option.

How does RADAR work? 

Make your security staff’s jobs infinitely easier with RADAR technology. When the RADAR detects a moving target, a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera automatically tracks them. It can be set to do this for a certain amount of time, or indefinitely in particularly important or restricted areas of the site. You can customise it to work exactly as you want to suit your particular needs.

In this vein, RADAR can work alongside your existing CCTV security system, electric fencing and locked gates to put your mind at ease. It’s a robust and long-term solution that fits all sorts of extreme environments, being unaffected by poor weather and lighting. And it’s cheap too, because the infrastructure and maintenance costs are far lower than traditional technologies like cameras and video analytics.

So the next time you watch a Hollywood movie featuring a submarine or aircraft employing RADAR, instead of marvelling at the technology you’ll be comparing their user interface and threat detection quality with your own. You might even be impressed when yours turns out to be better.

Choose ScanSecure today 

For full details of the best security RADAR product on the market, check out the ScanSecure – Perimeter Security RADAR page now or contact us to discuss bespoke solutions to all your security needs.

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