Why should your site consider using perimeter security RADAR?


If you are responsible for the security of a large commercial or classified site then you know how key the perimeter security you have in place is. The methods you choose to use on your perimeter will be one of the main reasons behind your site staying secure or not. This is especially true for larger sites where the sheer scale of your site may make it especially challenging to protect it properly at all times.

Most intruders or potential criminals will try to access your business grounds or restricted site via the perimeter you have established. This makes it essential that you have the very latest and best methods in place to keep them out! One of the most cutting-edge solutions for many larger sites now is perimeter RADAR systems.

Here are a few reasons why this type of security solution has become increasingly popular.

Greater detection of threats

One great benefit of using perimeter RADAR is the way it gives advanced warning of any advancing threats. The RADAR technology can pick up anything moving towards your site much earlier than the human eye. This means that you have early warning of any issues and can deal with them before they even get to the perimeter itself. In effect, it gives you an extended reach to keep your site safe.

More time to get it right

The extended early warning that RADAR systems give allows for more time to make the right call. You or your staff will be able to have a vital few extra moments to calmly decide what to do andrespond. It also allows for more time to look at what has been picked up on the RADAR and determine what threat exists.

Let Harper Chalice help keep you safe

If you like the sound of what a perimeter RADAR solution can do for your site or business then give us a call today. As a leading name in the field of perimeter security, we can help to design and install the perfect system to keep you secure.

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