Why consult experts for perimeter security solutions


Increasing terrorist threats, the need to reduce manpower costs and issues around illegal migration, are just some of the reasons why facilities need to block unauthorised physical intruders. Though traditionally used in military facilities, perimeter security is now being used in commercial, residential, construction, and transportation sites. 

What are the benefits of a perimeter security solution?

Blocking intruders is vital in preventing criminal theft, vandalism and terrorism. It ensures that your valuables are safe and staff or individuals residing at a facility are secure. If you have a large site that needs monitoring, perimeter security ensures complete protection unlike manning the area with guards, which can be costly and ineffective.

Examples of perimeter security solutions 

Electric security fencing deters invaders as it forms a psychological and physical barrier. The Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is very popular due to its ability to alert the security personnel when the perimeter fence is breached and also give a precise location of the potential breach. A perimeter security RADAR is capable of detecting suspicious activity beyond the perimeter as it includes CCTV and integrated software.

Benefits of partnering with experts for your perimeter security solution

Different sites and facilities have different risks, it is important to consult with experts before choosing the security solution that meets your needs. Security experts, such as Harper Chalice, can design the perfect security solution for you after considering the environmental aspects, landscape, weather, local information and statistics of your location. Experts guarantee security systems will be installed properly and work as efficiently as possible.

A professional security company are able to combine technology and physical security to ensure maximum protection of your facility. As technology keeps on developing, experts are always updated on the latest security technology, giving you various options to choose from. They ensure the materials that are used meet the highest quality standards to reduce the chance of a security breach.

Contact us at Harper Chalice for a perimeter security solution that will be custom-made to meet your requirements. We are the industry leaders in manufacturing, supplying and installing security systems for the highest level of security in any type of site.

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