Phenomenal growth forecast for the perimeter intrusion detection system market


A report issued on 27 June highlights that the annual global market size for perimeter intrusion detection systems is likely to reach a high of $25.1 billion by the year 2024. This growth illustrates a compound annual growth rise of 16.1% throughout the period. You can access a full copy of this report at Research&

Reasons for growth in perimeter intrusion detection systems

The rising levels of terrorist attacks and activities geared towards infiltrating organisations have been alarming over the past few years. Investing in contemporary security systems has become a priority for worldwide governments and businesses, in efforts to protect people working or passing through buildings and structures as well as provide enhanced protection for data.

One of the primary security products proving to be a major addition to existing surveillance and security measures is perimeter intrusion detection systems. Adopting these perimeter intrusion detection systems can make significant reductions to staffing numbers needed to provide a secure perimeter, therefore, cutting operational costs.

Components of the market

The perimeter intrusion detection system market is segmented in two: solutions and services. Adopting a solution-based system means fitting sensors and video surveillance systems, which will need both software and hardware. Some of the products included within the sensors sector include Barrier mounted detection systems, radar sensors, pulse monitored electric fence or CCTV based sensors.

About perimeter intrusion detection systems

It’s hardly surprising so many global organisations and government facilities are adopting perimeter intrusion detection systems. Given the dangers that can be experienced in the contemporary world, making the strongest possible perimeter around any structure really does make sense. The performance and reliability of the sensors used within these systems has improved considerably in recent years, and some new developments in the sector include the incorporation of artificial intelligence and data analytics within the surveillance management of data supplied. One of the most important facets of any system of this nature is that it must have the ability to differentiate between serious attempts to breach the perimeter and breaches caused by atmospheric or natural conditions, like wind or birds.

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