Preventing burglary and vandalism at your business premises


Often resulting in costly damage and the loss of valuable stock, burglary and vandalism can negatively impact the growth and reputation of your business. Usually occurring outside of regular business hours or at night, burglars tend to enter through windows or doors, although ‘smash and grabs’ and ram raids do occur. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some measures you can use to help prevent burglary and vandalism at your business premises.

Slow them down by creating barriers

Time is critical during a break-in and most burglars will only put themselves at risk for a short period of time due to concerns surrounding alarms or passersby. To prevent break-ins effectively, you need to delay burglars for as long as possible, and the best way to do this is to put your resources into numerous levels of physical protection. The more barriers you create, the less likely they are to take the risk.

Install an electric security fence

Electric security fencing is an obvious physical barrier, but it’s a psychological one too. Most burglars will see your fence and decide to look for an easier target. However, if they do enter your premises, they will receive a non-lethal shock which will delay their entry. If an electric fence is used alongside other high-tech intruder systems, you will be able to detect burglars before they get anywhere near your building.

Employ RADAR detection

Detecting and tracking threats, a perimeter intrusion detection system can identify burglars before they enter your site. Once the radar detects movement, the system will automatically send the best available Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera to track it. This can be configured to track the targets for a set period of time, displaying footage live on SharpView Manager software.

Consider seismic intruder detection

Used to protect entire floors, walls and roofs, this discrete system provides early detection of intruders attempting to penetrate any structure protected by it. Seismic detection systems are fully monitored and zoned, making them ideal for warehouses and high-security applications.

To find out more about installing intruder detection systems to protect your business, contact us at Harper Chalice today.

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