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A complete radar monitoring system

From small industrial sites to large complex compounds, the ScanSecure high definition Radar security system provide the most comprehensive range of perimeter security RADARs available. Ideal for applications such as airports, CNI and commercial installations, perimeter intrusion system detects, tracks and identifies threats. The perimeter security radar detects beyond the perimeter and identifies intruders before they can enter the site.

How Does Our Radar Detection Work?

When a Radar detects a target moving in a zone the ScanSecure system will automatically send the best available Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera to track the detection. The system can be configured to track the targets for a set period of time if new threats appear, or continue tracking objects considered to be at a higher threat level (for example fastest or closest to a certain location).

All the track and video are displayed LIVE on SharpView Manager software, or can be integrated into any VMS system, so the operators are aware of the locations of moving threats.

Automatic Detection & Camera Control?

The ScanSecure Radar is a highly intelligent perimeter security system that provides continuous surveillance of large areas, both within and outside perimeter fencing. The security surveillance system combines high definition radar technology, integrated software and CCTV to provide an unsurpassed threat detection and situational awareness. Robust, durable and deployable in extreme environments.

The ScanSecure Radar’s flexible choice of sensors, result in far less infrastructure and maintenance costs than alternative technologies such as cameras and video analytics. This leads to both economic and environmental benefits.

Unaffected by Poor Weather or Lighting Conditions

The ScanSecure Perimeter Security Radars scan the site several times a second, during each scan every object is accurately positioned and displayed to the operator using sophisticated tracking algorithms. These will follow movement of each object to provide speed and direction information. The combination of high definition radar sensors and advanced real-time statistical processing gives the ScanSecure Perimeter Security Radar the ability to more securely detect, track and identify objects than traditional low frequency radars.

Perimeter Security Features & Benefits

  • Both the FenceSecure and PulseSecure PROTECTOR systems are CPNI approved in their own right. Therefore the technologies as standalone systems have a proven level of performance.
  • The security mesh creates a high security barrier which is difficult to penetrate, cut or climb whilst still providing good visibility through the fence for alarm verification. Penetration attack and cutting is protected against, using the microphonic PID system, FenceSecure.
  • The FenceSecure PID system can be set up to detect the cut through and penetration attack as the topping provides the anti-climb protection. This enables the system to be set up to minimise false alarms whilst still giving total protection of the fence fabric.
  • The PulseSecure PROTECTOR electrified topping provides climb over protection of the perimeter. A visible deterrent and detection system, the PulseSecure PROTECTOR topping provides an effective double pole high security topping.
  • All HV wires associated with the PulseSecure topping are at high level only. This removes the operational fears of accidental contact and shock to operators, staff and contractors.
  • The system design also reduces the maintenance requirements typically associated with electrified fence systems as the wires are only at the top of the fence.
  • TriSecure operates over SecureBus, our security network solution. The system is a high security network solution that utilises a fault tolerant.