Effective ways to protect your business from intruders


If you own a business, then you need to find an effective way to protect it. Being able to stop people trespassing onto your grounds or the actual physical premises is a must. This will not only help to keep any staff you have working there secure but will also stop goods being stolen or buildings being vandalised.

It will naturally also give you advance warning of any malicious activity so you can deal with it before it becomes a larger issue. This could be when you are open for business or when everyone has gone home for the night – effective security is needed at all times.

If you are looking for ways to beef up your perimeter security, below are some great options.

Effective lighting

Very often, this simple yet powerful way of securing your premises and grounds will work. Most intruders or thieves like to work in the dark or poorly lit conditions as they will not be seen. By installing effective lighting, especially outside of the main office or warehouse, you are putting a big deterrent in their way. This will usually be enough to scare them off when the motion sensor lighting is triggered by their movements.

Visible signage

Another simple yet effective security method for all kinds of business is putting up adequate signage that will scare off intruders. Popular signs to think about here include ones warning of 24-hour CCTV in operation or guard dog patrols being on-site constantly. Many would-be thieves will not want to take the chance of running afoul of these measures and scarper. The great thing here is that there is no need to have the advertised measures in place if you cannot afford it – the threat of them alone will often do the job for you.

Electric security fencing

While the above can work well to a degree, for total security then only electric security fencing can provide answers. There is a wide range of choice on the market now so you can find the ideal kind of fencing for your business, whatever the size or scale. Whether you need full integrated system for large confidential sites or smaller scale standalone systems, it is easy now to find electric fencing that will keep intruders out and give you advance warning of their activities.

Protect your business from intruders

Here at Harper Chalice, we are experts in installing the best quality electric security fencing and perimeter detection systems around. Get in touch today for more details on how we can keep your business and staff safe from intruders.

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