Protecting golf buggies from thieves


Golf buggies may not seem the most desirable objects for thieves, but their theft is a mounting problem for golf course owners and golfers alike. The problem is not an uncommon one. Recently, golf buggy batteries costing around £8,000 were seized from a golf course in Cumbria. In Walsall, meanwhile, buggies costing around £5,000 each were stolen from a course. The fact that these stories hit the local headlines demonstrates just how financially damaging such crimes can be.

It is not the entire buggy that a thief is after when committing this crime, but its expensive batteries. Indeed, these batteries have a very high resale value and can approach the tens of thousands in price depending on the quality of the buggies. While some buggies run on petrol instead of batteries, petty thieves will not be able to tell the difference, and will make off with the vehicles regardless. In this way, it is in the best interest of golf course owners to protect the storage areas of their buggies to protect themselves from financial damage.

Fortunately, golf courses perimeters can be easily protected with the correct equipment and know-how. Recently, we won a project to protect six golf courses thanks to our specialised and very effective equipment. Golf buggies can be protected at a minimal cost using a Microphonic Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) system on the fence around the compound for early detection of criminals. The technology is such that it can detect penetration, cutting or climbing attempts, and an alarm will sound at the first sign of an attempted break-in, meaning buggies can stay secure and thieves can be scared off.

This system can be used on its own or tied into an existing intruder alarm and CCTV system, which will give even better protection for vulnerable golf sites. To find out more about how these systems can protect your golf course, visit our website.