Protecting your business during the covid-19 shutdown


We are, undoubtedly, living in unusual times. There are supermarket shortages, people are being told to work from home and businesses that would generally thrive are having to look for bailouts.

Another factor business of all types must now consider is how they can protect their operations should they have to be closed down for an extended period of time. This is, of course, something that is also useful to think about at various other times in your business’ life – vacations and festive breaks, for example – but it has certainly come to the fore in recent weeks.

So, with covid-19 and its potential consequences firmly in mind, let’s take a look at the very best ways to keep your business secure while you are not present.

1. Commit to a thorough risk assessment

Before you can make your business secure you have to understand where its vulnerabilities lie. A Harper Chalice security expert can help you to assess your entire operation and assist you when it comes to realising what processes need to be committed to.

2. Install adequate security systems

This can involve numerous elements – from electric fencing to alarm systems, window railings to security fencing – and all can play a very important role in keeping your business premises safe. Also, install CCTV where necessary, and think about whether you could benefit from hiring the assistance of a security watch person, who would be able to patrol during the hours when your offices and buildings are unoccupied.

3. Make your staff aware of the changes

The last thing you want is for a member of staff to come to work and be faced with a) a building they are now unable to access, or b) end up setting off some of the alarms because they have not been told about the correct disabling procedures. Tell them why it is being done, and answer any relevant questions that may arise.

4. Don’t rest on your laurels

Ensure that, fairly routinely, you check up on your security measures to ensure that they are still at sturdy as they can be. This is not only important for your business in terms of ensuring it isn’t broken into, but also could lead to your insurance premiums coming down.

Want to know more about how to protect your business, and why installing electric security fencing should be high on your agenda? Get in touch with us today.

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