Pulse monitored fencing explained


When it comes to installing security systems for your business, site or organisation, there is a fair bit of choice on the market now. Next to standard kit like CCTV cameras and standard fencing, options such as perimeter intrusion detection are worth thinking about. One other popular option you might have heard about is pulse monitored fencing – but what exactly is it?

Pulse monitored fencing basics

Perhaps the easiest way to understand this fencing is to know it is what we used to call electric fencing. It is ideal for many different applications but is especially good for high-security sites. This could be anything from power stations to water works and beyond. This type of fencing works by giving a short, sharp, non-lethal shock to would-be intruders. The installation sees fencing poles placed into the ground and electric wire fencing ran between them. A current is then passed through the fencing to electrify it.

Early warning of any danger

This sort of fencing also uses a unique pulse style of operation to help sites spot danger. It sees an electrical pulse continuously sent through the fencing and back to a receiver. If any outside intruders touch or tamper with the fencing, changes to this pulse can be picked up on. This offers organisations an easy and effective way to pick up on incoming danger before it is too late. It also saves security staff having to manually monitor your perimeter for incoming threats.

What else should know about pulse monitored fencing?

Many organisations choose this security fencing as it flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs. It is for example very scalable which means you can add to it as you need more cover. This in turn means you can forge ahead with any expansion plans, safe in the knowledge that your security systems can cope. PMF also has the ability to focus on certain sections of the entire fencing if required. This can allow effective protection against a threat you know is coming from a certain direction.

Pulse monitored fencing from Harper Chalice

Hopefully, the above has explained what this fencing is and what it can offer to your organisation. If you would like to find out more about having it installed, get in touch with Harper Chalice today.

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