What benefits does pulse monitored fencing deliver?


All businesses and facilities will have a real need to secure their site perimeter. This not only stops people from trespassing onto your grounds but also from them damaging property or stealing goods. While there are a number of security measures you could take to help, pulse monitored fencing is enduringly popular. But what advantages does using this sort of perimeter fencing bring?

Complete protection against intruders

Perhaps the biggest benefit this sort of security fencing offers is the effective barrier it puts up to deter intruders. This allows you to secure your site’s perimeter with total confidence. Pulse monitored fencing works on both a physical and mental level to achieve this. Would-be intruders are given a physical barrier that is not only tough to breach but will also give them an effective electric shock to stop them. There is also the mental barrier of seeing a site that is well guarded with electric fencing. When combined, this is often enough to put them off from trying to trespass onto your site.

Easy to scale up

Another great benefit of this kind of security fencing is how scalable it is. Pulse monitored fencing is usually constructed to a modular design which makes it easy to add more on when you need it. Many sites will grow over time and it is not wise to leave parts of your perimeter unguarded as this happens. By choosing this kind of fencing, you can easily expand your perimeter security when you need too.

Easy to integrate with other measures

Many companies now will look to adopt an integrated approach to security where the various systems they have in place work together for maximum impact. Pulse monitored fencing is easy to integrate with other security measures, like CCTV, so this is not an issue. Once in place, it will not only give an active barrier to your site but also work in conjunction with other systems to keep out intruders.

Call Harper Chalice today for more details

Here at Harper Chalice, our Pulse Secure fencing is the perfect way to get all of the above benefits from electrified perimeter fencing. Not only will it stop people coming onto your site who you do not want there but it will also give an early warning of any potential issues. As an electric pulse is constantly running through the fencing, any changes to this pulse from human contact on the fence itself can be noted quickly. Call today on +44 (0)24 7642 1300 for more information.

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