How seismic intruder detection systems can protect your buildings


Commercial and industrial theft can be extremely costly for a business. Loss of materials can harm the company’s ability to complete orders, and break-ins can cause a building to become unsafe for workers, causing downtime. Investigation time also eats into company profits, with areas off-limits until crime scene officers have completed their work. The best way to avoid these costs is to prevent break-ins before they happen: and to do this, you need to use reliable, secure perimeter intruder detection systems.

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fencing for commercial premises

Many sites and commercial premises are surrounded by an exterior fence. Intruder detection systems, and perimeter monitoring systems, can be applied directly to the fence. If an intruder attempts entry, the security system raises the alarm and the attack can be fended off long before the intruder gains access.

However, not all sites and buildings have surrounding land that can accommodate a perimeter fence. Some, especially in built up areas like the inner city, rely on the building’s walls and roof as the secure perimeter. However, it is still possible to apply an intruder detection system to the building directly, using seismic detection technology.

About seismic intruder detection systems (SIDS)

Seismic intruder detection systems (SIDS) are designed to prevent break-ins at commercial and industrial sites. Using state of the art piezoelectric technology, the system is wired into the building’s structure directly. The system can detect changes to the natural vibrations and sounds of the building, and raise an alert when a roof or wall is breached – or when an attack on that structure is in progress.

The system can be fully integrated with existing security systems, such as CCTV and alarms. It can be a valuable tool for security teams, allowing them to remotely monitor all areas of a building, including roofs and high walls.

The SIDS technology allows secure zones to be created within a building. It could be used to secure the whole premises, or applied only where high value goods are kept. It is an ideal type of system for use in warehouses and depots, though we also see high demand for SIDS use in high security buildings.

For more information on seismic intruder detection systems, or to discuss security requirements at your own work premises, call us today and arrange a consultation with our security specialists.

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