Should I fit pulse monitored fencing to my business site?


Pulse monitored fencing is the modern solution for perimeter security and a form of electric fencing. Adding pulse monitored fencing to your site gives extra security and protection for your property and combines well with features such as CCTV monitoring and external lighting.

About pulse monitored fencing

Pulse monitored fencing acts to deter potential intruders by delivering a short, but sharp, electrical pulse. It is an effective solution for a variety of business sites, including vehicle storage centres, warehouses, construction sites and data centres.

It’s easy to customise any pulse fencing to suit your needs and business requirements exactly. So, it can be added as a fence or wall topping to critical areas of the site or used as a complete perimeter security solution.

This type of fencing is an extremely effective deterrent to intruders, particularly opportunistic attempts as intruders of this nature are far more likely to move on to sites that don’t feature this type of protection.

A monitored pulse fence sends a regulated electrical current through each channel and all returning pulses are monitored as a control mechanism. This makes it easy for security teams at your site to identify any attempts made to break through the business perimeter and act accordingly. Fences of this nature comply with all international safety standards and need to be installed by professionals.

Teaming electrified perimeter fencing with additional security measures really ensures your ability to detect intrusions at the moment they occur. This makes it far easier to prevent intrusion attempts altogether or apprehend criminals within a few moments of them breaching your perimeter security defences.

There are many reasons to adopt secure perimeter defences in the contemporary business environment. Criminal activities are always on the increase, so the addition of effective pulse monitor fences to your perimeter helps you with deterrence and detection.

Pulse monitored fencing is extremely adaptable and reliable. You will have total control over the set up and layout of your fencing and can tailor it to entirely meet your needs.

Harper Chalice supply a wide range of perimeter intrusion detection solutions, including monitored pulse fencing. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements in detail.


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