The dangers of improper electric fencing use


When connected and installed properly, electric fencing is safe to use on your business premises. However, if you choose to install your fence yourself or purchase one from an untrustworthy provider, there are a number of dangers that you and your visitors could be subject to, including:


Dying from touching an electric fence is incredibly rare, but it is possible if your electric fence is not installed properly. For the most part, touching a properly-installed electric fence can lead to a harmless shock as the electricity passes through the system via a series of pulses, allowing the person to disengage immediately. Fences that do not have pulsing technology, however, can send a continuous electric shock to the entire body for a long period of time, which can be fatal. Sometimes, victims that become trapped in electric fencing can fall unconscious while remaining in contact with the fence, so it is essential that you have your fence installed by a professional.


According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, lightning strikes can lead to malfunctioning electric fences and fires. Disconnecting the power source and the fence line from the controller before a lightning strike from a storm can reduce the risk of a fire occurring. Installing a lightning arrestor between the controller and the fence can also divert the electricity in the strike to the earth before it causes damage to the controller. It’s also a good idea to cut down any nearby vegetation and avoid putting flammable materials close to your electric fence.

Cardiac arrest

An electric shock from an electric fence current can cause ventricular fibrillation in the heart, which is a form of heart arrhythmia that can prevent the heart from being able to pump blood, which can lead to cardiac arrest or cardiac fibrillation. Synchronising the energisers in your electric fence to pulse properly with each other may prevent cardiac arrest and cardiac fibrillation, so it’s essential to ensure that your fence is maintained regularly to guarantee that it is functioning optimally.

If you’re looking to install electric fencing on your premises, make sure you use a reputable electric fence manufacturer, designer and installer like Harper Chalice.

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