The industries most at risk from intruders


No matter the size of your business, it’s essential to put suitable security measures in place to keep your enterprise safe from the threat of trespass and break-ins. By not doing so, you’re not only putting your equipment, stock and assets in jeopardy, you could also be invalidating potential insurance claims. At Harper Chalice, we can provide state-of-the-art intruder detection systems and deterrents, including electric fencing and pulse monitored fencing.

It’s important for every business to have sufficient security in place, but with that being said, some industries are targeted more often than others. We take a look at the industries most affected by physical security breaches over the past year. 


Chemists and pharmaceutical warehouses are often targeted due to stocking prescription drugs. When battling against the lucrative black market, those in the medicine industry will need more than basic security measures to ward off motivated criminals. 

Retail and convenience stores 

Throughout 2018, there were 2,859 recorded cases of convenience store burglaries throughout the UK, costing owners in excess of £2,000 to replace missing goods and repair damages. Burglars often target pricier items such as cigarettes, alcohol and cash left onsite.

Warehouses/distribution centres 

Many warehouses have been designed to allow for ease of access, making them attractive to criminals due to this very reason. Late in 2018, over 250k worth of technical equipment was stolen from a warehouse in Daventry shortly after burglars broke their way into Douglas Macmillan’s Burslem warehouse for the second time. 


Theft and vandalism make up the most common types of crime in the construction and manufacturing industry, costing the industry around £400m each year from both the immediate and resulting damages. The most typical threat is theft of plant, which can be expensive to replace and hold up jobs in the meantime. 

Get protected 

With the right measures in place, no matter what industry you’re in, you can rest assured you have a formidable line of security in place to ward off potential criminals. Speak to a member of our team at Harper Chalice to discuss your options. We will talk you through our high-security products from intruder detection options and electric fencing to Perimeter RADAR technology

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